Statement + Bio


This work, born out of a fascination with the figure and the land it inhabits, reflects an evolution of interests in the mind of a contemporary woman. Driven by defiance, a search for truth, and moments of acceptance, these recent works capture a narrative that is closely tied to the societal baggage we carry. Tropical settings, complete with tangled, invasive plants provide a nod to my Floridian childhood, but they also serve as a metaphor for the dual beauty and struggle of our time. The life-sized figures that permeate these scenes are usually in mysterious action; they are seen running, floating, swimming, or confronting something just outside of view. In my mind, this story chronicles a grappling with the clash of expectations and reality for women today. Though specific symbols are utilized and repeated, this journey has been left purposefully vague and open for all to experience, connect to, and question.


Jessie Barnes is an artist currently living and working in Dallas, TX. She holds an MFA from the University of North Texas and a BFA from the University of North Florida. Barnes identifies primarily as a printmaker, but typically employs painting, drawing, and photography in her work. Recently, the artist was a one-year Artist In Residence at Tarrant County College South Campus. Additionally, Barnes has been a Graduate Assistant at the Printmaking Research Institute of North Texas, a Teaching Assistant and Fellow for foundations and printmaking courses at UNT, and has served as a Studio Assistant at Penland School of Crafts, University of North Florida, and Pensacola State College. Her work can be viewed in person at Beaudry Gallery in Dallas.